Hi there, I’m Marco Santarossa and this is my blog where I write articles about programming. I don’t follow a specific path for the topics of my articles. If I think that something may be interesting for the community, I would probably write an article about that.

I started developing at the high school using C++, Assembly and other academic languages. I loved software development after my first row of C++. After a year, I moved to web development learning self-taught PHP, MySQL and jQuery—I had also the opportunity to lead a lesson where I taught my classmates how to work with Joomla.

When I finished the high school, I have been selected for a stage at United Colors of Benetton. Even though I enjoyed working in a big team and in a new big web projects, I wanted to start new challenges in some different IT fields. After this stage, I was able to find a job as junior mobile developer in a little startup—where I learnt self-taught how to develop an iOS application from scratch, it has been love at first sight. After some months, I had the opportunity to move in a bigger software house, where I improved my skills as mobile and web developer—thanks to my boss who taught me a lot of tricks and approaches to develop properly a robust iOS application. In the life we have the opportunity to meet people who let you grow as person and developer, he is one of them.

After 4 years, I decided to change my life and looking for a company oversea in London. And here we are, I’ve worked at Sky as mid-level iOS developer since February 2016.