Protocol Composition In Swift

Are you feeling that your interfaces are too fat and you would like to split them? Protocol composition is the solution to your problems.

How To Manage Plist Files With PlistBuddy

Would you like a very powerful tool to manage your plist files with bash scripts? Say hello to PlistBuddy.

How To Make iOS Animations With UIImageView in Swift

iOS Animations is a huge topic. A great animation can make the difference for a succesful application. In this tutorial, we are going to see how to use UIImageView to make amazing animations.

ArraySlice In Swift

Array is a very common data collection. We use it pretty much every day. Array in Swift is very powerful and provides several features. In this article, we’ll discuss one of them: ArraySlice.

How To Implement Cache LRU With Swift

Algorithms and Data Structures. It’s the basis of computer science and a very huge topic. In this article, we are going to cover only a little piece: Cache LRU.

App Localization Tips With Swift

Mobile localization is a very important topic. It helps us to reach as many users as possible providing our Apps with different languages. Let’s find out some tips to improve our localization handling.

How To Test fatalError In Swift

Are you using fatalError functions to enforce the flow of your application and you’re keen to test it? Let’s find out a safe way to do it.

4 Ways To Pass Data Between Operations With Swift

Do you appreciate the power of Operations and would you like to pass the data between them to make amazing chains? Let’s read 4 ways to achieve your dreams.

Mock Dependencies: Instance and Metatype Injection With Swift

Do you want to mock all your dependencies to write perfect unit tests? Let’s find out a couple of approaches.

New iOS Software Architecture: 4V Engine

When we develop an iOS application, we can choose among several software architectures. Unfortunately, all of them have some problems. 4V Engine is an alternative born to fill the gaps.

Core Data Notifications With Swift

After the series about CRUD operations, now it’s time to unveil the last Core Data beast: Notifications.

CoreData: CRUD With Concurrency In Swift – Part 4

Do you have performance issues with your CoreData implementation because you’re blocking the main thread with some computations? This series can help you to solve your problems and improve the user experience of your App. Fourth Part: Delete.

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