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CoreData: CRUD With Concurrency In Swift – Part 1

Do you have performance issues with your CoreData implementation because you’re blocking the main thread with some computations? This series can help you to solve your problems and improve the user experience of your App. First Part: Create.

Network Reachability With Swift

Are you looking for a reliable way to check the network state of your users’ devices? Come and read about Network Reachability.

CALayer And Auto Layout With Swift

Are you using CALayer sublayers and are you complaining about the missing auto layout? Well, let’s try some workarounds.

Capturing Values In Swift Closures

We use closures pretty much every day, and, some times, it may be not very clear what happens and how a closure works. Let’s find out how a closure captures a variable and how to prevent weird behaviours.

Xcode: Advanced Breakpoint Usages

Debugging is an important process to understand the unexpected behaviour of your application. For this reason, we must know well how to use the breakpoints to reduce the time needed to fix the bugs. Sometimes, a simple breakpoint is not enough.

Use Copy-On-Write With Swift Value Types

Premature optimisation is the root of all evil. But, there are moments where we need to optimise our code. Let’s see how to improve the performance of value type in Swift.

Manage Swift Code Snippets With Xcode

Do you write hundreds of lines of code every day and would you like saving time typing less code? Well, Code Snippet Library can become your favourite Xcode feature.

Stored Properties In Swift Extensions

One of the main limitations of Swift Extensions is the impossibility to use stored properties. Let’s see a workaround to achieve our goals.

Fake AppDelegate For Unit Testing In Swift

One of the most important things of unit testing is that it shouldn’t have side effects. If you don’t pay attention, you may have unexpected behaviours every time you run your set of tests. A fake `AppDelegate` may solve your problems.

Swift Arrays Holding Elements With Weak References

In iOS development there are moments where you ask yourself: “To weak, or not to weak, that is the question”. Let’s see how “to weak” with the arrays.

Test Doubles In Swift

A keen developer writes a lot of unit tests to cover the code to use in production. Unfortunately, a component can sometimes be difficult to test because of its dependencies, and you would be tempted to give up. Hang on, Test Doubles are what you need to make a test easy to write.

How to run Swift UI tests with a mock API server

Are you developing an application which uses API responses? Do you need an efficiently way to test the UI? UI testing with a mock API server is the solution to your problems.

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