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Fake AppDelegate For Unit Testing In Swift

One of the most important things of unit testing is that it shouldn’t have side effects. If you don’t pay attention, you may have unexpected behaviours every time you run your set of tests. A fake `AppDelegate` may solve your problems.

Swift Arrays Holding Elements With Weak References

In iOS development there are moments where you ask yourself: “To weak, or not to weak, that is the question”. Let’s see how “to weak” with the arrays.

Test Doubles In Swift

A keen developer writes a lot of unit tests to cover the code to use in production. Unfortunately, a component can sometimes be difficult to test because of its dependencies, and you would be tempted to give up. Hang on, Test Doubles are what you need to make a test easy to write.

How to run Swift UI tests with a mock API server

Are you developing an application which uses API responses? Do you need an efficiently way to test the UI? UI testing with a mock API server is the solution to your problems.

Getting Hurt With Swift Protocol Extensions & Default Parameter Values

Of course, Swift protocol extensions and default parameter values are great features. And they are always safe, aren’t they? Well, not really.

SOLID Principles Applied To Swift

A maintainable component. Reusable. Just a dream? Maybe not. SOLID principles, may be the way.

MVVM-C with Swift

Nowadays, the biggest challenge for an iOS developer is the craft of a robust application which must be easy to maintain, test and scale. In this article you will learn a reliable approach to achieve it.

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