How To Make iOS Animations With UIImageView in Swift

iOS Animations is a huge topic. A great animation can make the difference for a succesful application. In this tutorial, we are going to see how to use UIImageView to make amazing animations.

App Localization Tips With Swift

Mobile localization is a very important topic. It helps us to reach as many users as possible providing our Apps with different languages. Let’s find out some tips to improve our localization handling.

New iOS Software Architecture: 4V Engine

When we develop an iOS application, we can choose among several software architectures. Unfortunately, all of them have some problems. 4V Engine is an alternative born to fill the gaps.

CALayer And Auto Layout With Swift

Are you using CALayer sublayers and are you complaining about the missing auto layout? Well, let’s try some workarounds.

Fake AppDelegate For Unit Testing In Swift

One of the most important things of unit testing is that it shouldn’t have side effects. If you don’t pay attention, you may have unexpected behaviours every time you run your set of tests. A fake `AppDelegate` may solve your problems.

Swift Arrays Holding Elements With Weak References

In iOS development there are moments where you ask yourself: “To weak, or not to weak, that is the question”. Let’s see how “to weak” with the arrays.

How to run Swift UI tests with a mock API server

Are you developing an application which uses API responses? Do you need an efficiently way to test the UI? UI testing with a mock API server is the solution to your problems.

MVVM-C with Swift

Nowadays, the biggest challenge for an iOS developer is the craft of a robust application which must be easy to maintain, test and scale. In this article you will learn a reliable approach to achieve it.

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