I was recently watching the UFC fight Holloway vs Ortega.

This match is very inspiring — despite the fact you could consider MMA a violent sport.

The fight

In a nutshell, Ortega started the match with a burst of energy and he seemed having the situation under control. Unfortunately, he started losing stamina round after round and the opponent started taking advantaged until the 4th round — when the doctor had to stop the fight because of the Ortega‘s eye damage.

This sounds like a common fight. What is really inspiring is the Ortega’s perseverance. He received a lot of hits, he was bleeding badly but he didn’t give up, he continued to hit back even if he was exhausted and didn’t give up.

The lesson

If you consider Ortega “you” and Holloway “the life”, we should learn that we are in a constant fight again the life. We’ll start with a burst of energy — in our teenager period — but the life will start hitting us, we will start being damaged, we will have the signs of this fight. We don’t have to give up, if the life hits us we have to hit back, but we must never give up.

There will be an inevitable day when a doctor will call us out of this fight. That day, we shouldn’t have regrets but be proud of our fight.

Each of us has an own fight again the life. Each fight has an own end — a fighter can give up in the first round, go KO or stay up until the doctor’s call. You can’t win this fight but how you lose is up to you.

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