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Test Doubles In Swift

A keen developer writes a lot of unit tests to cover the code to use in production. Unfortunately, a component can sometimes be difficult to test because of its dependencies, and you would be tempted to give up. Hang on, Test Doubles are what you need to make a test easy to write.

How to run Swift UI tests with a mock API server

Are you developing an application which uses API responses? Do you need an efficiently way to test the UI? UI testing with a mock API server is the solution to your problems.

Getting Hurt With Swift Protocol Extensions & Default Parameter Values

Of course, Swift protocol extensions and default parameter values are great features. And they are always safe, aren’t they? Well, not really.

SOLID Principles Applied To Swift

A maintainable component. Reusable. Just a dream? Maybe not. SOLID principles, may be the way.

MVVM-C with Swift

Nowadays, the biggest challenge for an iOS developer is the craft of a robust application which must be easy to maintain, test and scale. In this article you will learn a reliable approach to achieve it.

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